Notice of Report

Upon receipt of a report to the Title IX Coordinator (or other Official with Authority) of an alleged violation of the Policy, Transylvania University will initiate at least one of three responses: 

  1. Offering supportive measures because an individual making a complaint does not want to proceed formally; and/or
  2. An informal resolution; and/or 
  3. A Formal Grievance Process including an investigation and a hearing. 

For information about the Title IX investigation and grievance process, please see the Transylvania University Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination policy.

The Title IX Coordinator works in collaboration with a Pool of Transylvania University staff and faculty. The Pool members are required to receive annual training based on their respective roles. Specific training is also provided for Appeal Decision-makers, intake personnel, and Chairs. 

Transylvania University Pool member training materials

The following are a list of Pool Members and their respective roles within the Title IX team:

Erik Emery – Investigator/Advisor
Lauren Wentworth – Investigator/Advisor 
Shawnetta Okpebholo – Investigator/Advisor
Ashley Coons – Investigator/Advisor 
Jason Cooper – Investigator/Advisor
Autumn Hutt – Investigator/Advisor

Jeffery Hopper – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Christina Hayne – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Avery Tompkins – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Julie Fulks – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Parviz Zartoshty – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Julie Sams – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Jill Warfield – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Carole Barnsley – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Brian Arganbright – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Becky Fox – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 
Hande Ozkan – Hearing Panel Member/Chair/Advisor 

Brien Lewis – Appeals Decision Maker
S. Rebecca Thomas – Appeals Decision Maker
Holly Sheilley – Appeals Decision Maker
Micheal Covert – Appeals Decision Maker
Deepa Dubal – Appeals Decision Maker
Deidra Dennie – Appeals Decision Maker
Steve Angelucci – Appeals Decision Maker
Sarah Coen- Appeals Decision Maker
Rhyan Conyers – Appeals Decision Maker
Megan Maloney – Appeals Decision Maker
Sarah Bray – Appeals Decision Maker
Tracy Dunn – Appeals Decision Maker

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