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Campus Safety

Transylvania is committed to keeping its campus safe. Working together, the university's professionally trained officers in the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and well-qualified residence life staff—in concert with safety-conscious students—help ensure that individuals and their possessions are secure. Incidence of on-campus crime is very low.

Peace officer

Emergencies: (859) 233-8118

Or simply lift the receiver on any of the 70 red phones available in buildings or outside locations across campus to automatically connect to DPS. A blue light above each outdoor emergency phone makes it easily identifiable at night.

To text a message or tip directly to the DPS staff—
DPS Text-a-Tip: (859) 351-7343

Local police: 911 or (859) 258-3600

» Emergency numbers

» Emergency response plan

T-Alerts keep you informed

If there is an emergency on campus, critical information is communicated via loudspeakers in residence halls and other buildings, via email messages to all Transylvania addresses, and via text messages to cell phones of all those who have registered their numbers with the T-Alert emergency system. Emergency information will also be available on the Transylvania website.

Our safety officers are always available

The Department of Public Safety has its offices in the back lobby of Forrer Hall, the main women's residence hall. Officers patrol the campus by foot, bicycle, and automobile 24 hours a day.

Public safety dispatchers monitor over 100 cameras positioned across the campus. Most residence hall entrances are monitored by camera, and all are connected to a central alarm system.

Dispatchers have direct radio access to campus safety officers and to local fire and police departments.

Meet our officers!

Through the Adopt a Dorm program, safety officers are assigned to specific residence halls on a rotating basis so they have opportunities to get to know individual students. Once students are familiar with the officers, they are more likely to request assistance when needed.

Students or university employees can request a safety escort any time, day or night. A public safety officer will escort them by car, golf cart, or on foot within approximately one block of the campus. 

Red phone at nightThe campus is designed for safety

Transylvania's campus is well lighted, especially parking lots and frequently traveled pathways. The physical plant staff inspects facilities regularly and responds immediately to reports of potential safety and security hazards.

Seventy emergency red phones are available in buildings or outside locations across campus. Anyone concerned about his or her personal safety or any other potentially hazardous situation can simply lift the receiver to automatically connect to DPS.

Eight automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are also available across the campus. Public safety staff and others are trained in the use of the devices.

Students are allowed to park a vehicle on campus, provided the vehicle displays a valid parking permit obtained from DPS. Parking regulations emphasize vehicle security.

We also encourage students to bring a bicycle to campus. Bicycles are also required to be registered with DPS.

You can review safety records 

DPS maintains a daily log of safety incidents and fires and annually reports crime statistics and security information according to the federal Clery Act and Kentucky’s Minger Act.

2015 Clery Act report

2014 Clery Act report

2013 Clery Act report

2012 Clery Act report


2014 Minger Act report

2013 Minger Act report

2012 Minger Act report

Information pertaining to registered sex offenders is available from the Kentucky State Police.

There are a number of local organizations or agencies that can offer advice or assistance if you have a safety concern. Here are a few websites that may be helpful.

How to File A Report

Preventing Sexual Violence

Transylvania offers a variety of safety education programs, including several related to preventing sexual violence. We are compliant with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and strive to eliminate hostile environments resulting from sexual harassment, sexual violence, or other forms of gender-based discrimination.

For questions, email Ashley Hinton-Moncer or call her at (859) 233-8854.

If you would like to talk to someone on the Transylvania campus about a specific issue, refer to our convenient list of contacts

safe campus

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