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Housing Requirements

Transylvania University seeks to provide an educational environment conducive to the learning process, and we consider our residence hall program a major part of that learning environment.

We believe that the opportunities for exchanging ideas, for developing social and interpersonal skills, and for adjusting to differences in personalities are greatly enhanced by on-campus residency. Consequently, we require all full-time students (three course units or more) to live in our residence halls unless one or more of the following conditions is met:

  1. The student has achieved senior status (completion of 27 course units) prior to the beginning of the fall term.
  2. The student is 21 years old by the day of final enrollment for the fall term.
  3. The student is married.
  4. The student is living with his/her parent(s) or legal guardian.
  5. The student's academic load is less than three course units.

Seniors are encouraged, but not required, to live on campus. A resident student who will turn 21 years old during fall term may apply for special consideration for exemption from the university housing requirement at the beginning of that term.



Compliance with the university housing requirements is a condition of enrollment. Students may be asked to present evidence of compliance. A student who lives off-campus, contrary to the above policy, will be subject to disenrollment. If extenuating circumstances exist that justify exemption from the policy, a student must apply to Bob Brown, associate dean of student affairs, for special consideration. Requests for exceptions will not be accepted, however, while the student is in noncompliance.

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