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Poole Residence Center

Poole Residence Center provides suite style living for upperclass students. Each suite shares a bathroom with suitemates, resulting in a shared living experience between four residents. Poole Residence Center boasts a homey feel accentuated by three lounges, a community kitchenette, a 14-station computer lab, and laundry facilities. The elevator is helpful for move-in, and the security system is monitored by the Department of Public Safety. Ample parking is available, and the residence center sits adjacent to the men's soccer field and houses locker rooms used by the teams.

Double room

Co-ed living adds to the positive community environment. Residents of Poole are expected to respect individual differences and learn from the diverse viewpoints that result between the different genders and lifestyles of the residents. To reside in Poole, a student must be in good standing socially and academically.


Residential programming for Poole residents augments the social climate of campus while creating a healthy community. Residents can have discussions with faculty and staff outside of the classroom to help them decide or gain further insights into their academic studies and future careers. This is a vital component of the college experience as students discover who they are and what they want to do with their futures. The Poole Residence Center provides the perfect environment for such growth.

Forrer Hall room example   Forrer Hall room example

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