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Hazelrigg Hall

Hazelrigg Hall Located on the academic side of campus, Hazelrigg Hall is unique in that it houses offices for social sciences faculty members on the first floor while also providing residential space for students—women on the second floor and men on the third floor. Because of its more academic environment and location, Hazelrigg Hall provides 24-hour quiet time and private rooms for 36 upperclass students.

The basement of Hazelrigg—with its 30-station computer lab and lounge with a big screen television, pool table, and couches—is the social and study hub of the building.

Ample parking is available to residents in the adjacent Mitchell Fine Arts and Little Theater parking lots, plus the Thomas Field parking lot across Upper Street. Clay/Davis room floorplan

Hazelrigg Hall’s location places students close to classrooms, the arts, and sporting events while providing privacy and a focused study environment at an affordable cost.

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