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Dining Services

Forrer Dining Hall

Nothing can compare to the smell of garlic mashed potatoes covered with chicken and vegetables. The sound of a hamburger sizzling on the grill is mesmerizing, while creamy soups and fresh green salads also grab your attention. And then there’s dessert.

Forrer dining hall

Transy’s main dining facility offers many enticing food selections daily. Dining Hall features a large, open area with a variety of food stations where many dishes are prepared right in front of the customer.

M-m pasta...Prominent among those stations is the International Bar, where a chef creates stir-fried and sautéed entrees as diners customize their ingredients. Nearby, a classics station offers six vegetables, a starch, three entrees, and a bread. A carving station, used mostly for dinner, may offer pork loin, rotisserie chicken, or ham.

At the grill, hamburgers, a Texas toast grilled cheese sandwich, or a specialty sandwich—grilled chicken, smokehouse burger, or veggie burger—are cooked on the spot. A few steps away, the pizza station offers many varieties of pizza, as well as fresh pasta with marinara sauce, cheesy breadsticks, and icing-covered cinnamon sticks. A deli station features subs and sandwiches, while a soup, salad, and fruit bar offers more choices.

To finish it all off, the dessert bar serves warm cobbler and cold pudding, along with cookies, cakes, and pies. The ice cream area includes toppings like nuts, strawberries, pineapple, and chocolate.

There are plenty of healthy options, including the Balanced Way menu, which provides nutritious, satisfying foods that meet the current nutritional science recommendations for a well-balanced diet. Balanced Way meals use whole grains, lean proteins, more fruits and vegetables, and less fat, sugar, and sodium. That makes it easy to enjoy your favorite dishes while still “eating right.” The Balanced Way program is based on principles from Franceen Friefeld’s top-rated nutrition book and wellness program Fill Up Not Out: A Healthy Approach to Weight Control for Life. Learn more at www.thebalancedway.com.

”The food is really good,” said student Emily Baker. “There is such a wide variety of foods offered that you don’t get tired of anything. It’s also nice to have someone right in front of you cooking your food the way you want it.”


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