Trize Gipson ’23

I knew Transy was the school for me when I first stepped foot on this beautiful campus. I came all the way from Houston, Texas during the Crimson Compass to see the campus for myself, and I knew it was going to be my home away from home. With the beautiful environment, exciting atmosphere and smiling faces, I felt right back at home.

I had a huge, life-changing moment on the first day of my first year. I didn’t think I would’ve made it through without the most wonderful and caring Transy family providing that assistance of care and love to guide me through it. That’s when I absolutely knew that all my blessings pointed me to the right decision I made of choosing Transylvania University.

I believe Transy was perfect for who I am as a person because with this university, I know I will flourish into my true self and find my individuality. I can draw awareness to ideas that most of the Transy community probably hasn’t heard of from a Houstonian perspective. I knew I could bring in what diversity and inclusion can do for who I am, as well as bring in more students who look like me as an African American woman within the campus community.

Coming from Houston I have a ton of leadership experience; not only was my school among the top performing arts and STEM program schools, but I was appointed to almost all of my school’s organizations as either the president or treasurer and working my way up. I started programs within my community and school that hadn’t even been thought of in order to cater to my peers academically and socially. With my background, experience and knowledge, I felt I could really bring this exact same energy and maybe even build on this and more at Transy.

I have to remind myself every day that this is my school not only because I chose Transy, but because Transy chose me.