I Belong at Transylvania

Trizie Gipson ’23: “I believe Transy was perfect for who I am as a person because with this university, I know I will flourish into my true self and find my individuality.” More about Trizie
Elia Zonio ’23: “Never before did I think that I would have three people, much less three faculty members I looked up to, push me to advocate for my own academic pursuits.” More about Elia
Syd Tye ’21: “I, too, am Transy, because as a woman of color, I am here not as a number, but rather as a person willing to flourish within the realm of rigor.” More about Syd
Nathan French ’21: “By utilizing psychology I can benefit myself and the disability community the most. I love to bring my perspective, and I love to help.” More about Nathan

Belonging is a feeling of acknowledging your uniqueness and knowing you are welcomed. At Transy, our campus community is characterized by the values of compassion, respect, ethical concern and social responsibility that is required to be a leader in the 21st century.

We know belonging is a universal need and welcome you to Transy.

Here is where you belong.