Classroom and Testing

Accommodations and Testing Center

It is important to note that accommodations vary from person to person and are based on recommendations given by the diagnosing physician or licensed psychologist and/or therapist. The accommodations listed below, are therefore, not guaranteed for every student who registers with Disability Services, but are a general overview of some of the most common accommodations requested and provided at Transylvania University.

  • Extended time on exams and use of the Testing Center
  • Exam questions read-aloud 
  • Assignment extensions and modifications – i.e. modifying the length of an essay
  • Note Takers –Note Sharers are on a volunteer basis only and students are not 100% guaranteed a Note Sharer for each class. If a Note Sharer cannot be acquired during the course of a semester, the coordinator of Disability Services will work with both the student and the professor to come up with a suitable alternative
  • Exam modifications – i.e. modifying the length and format of an exam
  • PDF versions of most text books
  • Assistive technology in the classroom – i.e. recording of lectures for note taking purposes and using a word processor to type up any handwritten assignments
  • Exemption from a foreign language – This is dependent on the student submitting a petition request to the Committee on Admissions and Academic Standards. The Disability Services Office supports this request with a letter to the committee. If approved, (this decision is not made by DSO) the student will be allowed to take courses as a substitute for foreign language credits.

Residential Accommodations

Students who require residential accommodations must submit an application as well as supporting documentation (see How To Apply). Residential accommodations will be reviewed on a case by case basis and can only be offered to students who are live on University owned property.