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Dean of Students

Michael Covert, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

The Dean of Students serves as the chief student affairs officer of the university, exercising general executive responsibility for the student life programs of the institution. Her primary responsibilities include the organization, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of the administrative subdivisions and officers reporting to the Dean of Students: Athletic Department; Residence Life; Student Involvement and Leadership; Student Retention Programs; Health and Wellness Services; Interfaith; Community Service; International Student Services; and Disability Services. The Dean prepares budget requests for these areas under her supervision and establishes procedures for the continual development and review of all student life policies and procedures. The Dean determines the conduct and status of students and, working closely with the faculty and Dean of the College, sees that student support services are provided when needed.

Contact Dean Covert

Address: William T. Young Campus Center, 300 North Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: 859-233-8215
E-mail: mcovert@transy.edu

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