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No pets are permitted in the building. Guide and assistance dogs are not considered pets. Campus policy.


Open flame candles are prohibited. LED tea lights are perfect.

Cleaning/Damage Fees,Theft, Vandalism

In addition to rental fees, labor charges will be assessed when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to return the areas utilized to a condition adequate for continued use (see pricing guide). Extra charges will be assessed for damages resulting from chewing gum, candle wax or misuse of any furnishings or equipment requiring repairs or replacement. Users will be notified in writing of all damages and charges. Assessed labor and damage fees must be paid in full. Persons responsible for any acts of damage, vandalism to the premises or unauthorized removal of items from the Campus Center will be referred to the appropriate authorities and will be held financially accountable for their actions.

Collection Boxes

(clothing, book drives, holiday giving trees)

Transy departments and student organizations wishing to collect items such as clothing and books for donation to a charitable organization, must receive approval for placing collection boxes in or around the Campus Center.  Collection boxes must be marked with the items to be collected, the name of the charity, and the name of the sponsoring Transy organization.  The Campus Center  staff will work with each organization to determine the best location for the collection box and the collection time period.  The Campus Center is not responsible for stolen items.


Decorations, displays or exhibits that require flame or water cannot be used in the Campus Center. Open flame candles are prohibited. Any damage done by wax dripping on carpets, wood floors, etc., will be repaired by the institution. The user will be billed for labor, supplies and equipment rentals.


Shirts and shoes are required in all food service areas of the building.


Outside catering or deliveries of food (pizza, meals, etc) are prohibited for all events.  All food inside the building must be provided by Bon Appetit. See Brittany Wildman with questions. 

Free Speech

The University endorses free speech and sharing of ideas, and ideally this discourse is open and candid and characterized by mutual respect and civility. The University encourages a balanced approach in all communications and the inclusion of contrary points of view.

Game Room

No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the game room without adult supervision or consent from a parent or legal guardian. A valid photo ID, such as a college student ID or Driver’s license, is required to rent any game.

Lost and Found

The Campus Center information desk serves as the lost and found. Lost items will be kept at the information desk for a maximum of one semester. Unclaimed property will be taken to DPS at the end of each semester. 

Skates and Drones

The use of  drones, skateboards, inline skates, bikes, scooters, and similar items are not permitted in the building.


William T. Young Campus Center welcomes visitors and guests. We ask visitors and guests to comply with all college and building policies.

Emergency Contact Information

Department of Public Safety

Phone: (859) 233-8118 or Red Phone
DPS Text-a-Tip (859) 351-7343