Postering Policies

The Campus Center offers free bulletin board space to Transy Student Orgs, Staff, and Faculty. The purpose of posting is to promote events and programs at Transy.

Artwork Guidelines

  • Any postings promoting an event must be open to all Transy students or be of public interest to the Transy community.
  • All event-based postings must contain, in clear and conspicuous lettering, the following information:
    • The Student Org or University Department name hosting the event
    • The date and time for the event
    • The name of the event and its purpose
    • Location of the event
    • All postings must follow the educational mission of the University. Any racist, degrading and/or potentially offensive content is not allowed and is subject to immediate removal.

Poster Size

  • The ideal poster size is 11×17” (portrait). 8.5×11” flyers are also permitted.
  • If a customer wishes to display a poster larger than 11″x17,” they should contact the Director of the Campus Center to reserve a banner space.

General Considerations and Policies 

  • All Non-University affiliated organizations, events, or programs postering will be removed. 
  • Advertising of alcohol or controlled substances is not allowed.
  • If an event deals with sensitive topics, such as sexual assault, harassment, etc. discuss the poster with the Student Life Office (Dean of Students.  Campus Community Engagement, or the Director of the Campus Center).
  • Posters that are posted outside of designated bulletin boards, such as on walls or pillars, will be removed immediately.
  • The Student Life Office reserves the right to remove any posters that violate this policy.
  • The client understands that they are not guaranteed bulletin board space, and they should be proactive about checking if space is available.
  • Any other types of advertisements must be approved by the Student Life Office and are subject to be removed.


  • The adequate time to market an event is two full weeks prior to the event. All organizations are encouraged to drop off their posters at least two weeks prior, but no later than one week prior, to their event date.
  • Posters are subject to immediate removal once the advertisement has expired.
  • Posters may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks. Display time may be reduced to one week during the busy part of semesters.


Board 1: Rathskeller Cafe 
Board 2: Hallway across from 118 
Board 3: Student Engagement Suite 
Board 4: Information Desk (whiteboard)