Decorations, displays or exhibits that require flame or water cannot be used in the Campus Center. Open flame candles are prohibited. Any damage done by wax dripping on carpets, wood floors, etc., will be repaired by the institution. The user will be billed for labor, supplies and equipment rentals.

No nails, screws, hooks, etc., may be driven into any walls, floors or ceilings.  Tape may not be used on floors unless it is designated as “floor tape.” Floor tape will be provided upon request at a cost (depending on amount needed).  Regular masking, box, scotch or duct tape is not permitted on any walls, floors or ceilings.  

No decorations may be glued to any surface. No pins or tape may be used to affix posters, paper, etc., to the walls, tables, etc. No decorations may be hung from ceiling tiles or ceiling grids.

No glitter, confetti, sequins or sand-filled items may be used.

Decorating plans not addressed within this policy should be reviewed by the Campus Center staff prior to the event. If needed, building staff will assist your organization with alternative ways to hang materials that will not damage walls or finishes. These alternate arrangements must be resolved at least two days prior to the event.