Catering by Bon Appétit

Whether you’re ordering lunch for a meeting, planning a reception for 200, or stressing out about a five-course dinner for a visiting VIP, we offer the complete range of services to ensure your event is a stellar success. Our chefs are culinary all-stars, and they love making custom menus, as well as classic comforts, that are not just healthy and delicious, they’re locally and humanely sourced. Our experienced staff can execute your vision with unparalleled service and taste. Dive into our sustainability standards and diverse menu offerings to discover what makes us uniquely Bon Appétit.

Physical and Digital Signage

Posters and Banners

Posters and flyers may be posted only on designated bulletin boards throughout the Campus Center. There are no public boards in the Campus Center. Posting is prohibited on any concrete, painted, wood or glass surface.

There are 10 banner locations that may be reserved by the faculty/staff adviser of a registered student organization

Digital Signage

Use this form to request digital signage for an event or organizational meeting taking place in the Campus Center. If you are submitting a digital sign that has already been designed, a high quality, 1920×1080 JPG file is required. PowerPoint is also accepted. Please submit all materials at least five business days before your event. 

Distribution of Literature

Literature may be distributed in the Campus Center only from tables reserved through a student organization or campus department. All literature distributed must clearly identify the sponsoring organization or department.  All individuals or organizations distributing literature will be held responsible for cleaning up litter resulting from its distribution. Distribution which involves shouting or physically approaching individuals is prohibited, as is any interference with normal business or the free flow of traffic inside the building.

Literature Racks

Only Transy-related or sponsored publications may be placed in the literature rack inside the Campus Center. The rack is located next to the information desk outside the Great Hall.