Drone and Unmanned Aircraft Policy

This policy is implemented to protect the health and safety of Transylvania University students,  employees, vendors and campus visitors.  

Unmanned or remote control aircraft systems (UAS), including drones, are controlled and  regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Unmanned Aircraft systems include any  unmanned aerial vehicle or drone operated from a distance of more than one foot via tether or  remote control or autonomous control, including but not limited to fixed wing and rotorcraft  platforms. 

Launching, landing, or operating UAS, including drones, is prohibited on and above  Transylvania University’s campus without prior written approval from the Communications Office  at least seven days prior to operation. A Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) from the  FAA is required to operate a UAS. 

UAS use may only be approved for education or research purposes or for use by a student or  employee for a specified purpose related to their employment. Recreational use of UAS is  prohibited on all Transylvania owned, operated, or controlled property. Commercial use of UAS  (including non-University entities interested in operating UAS on campus property) is not  permitted unless there is approval from Transylvania University’s Communications Office, the  UAS has been registered with the FAA, and the FAA has issued a 333 exemption and COA to  the commercial operator. 

The individual operating the UAS must be able to operate the UAS in a safe and responsible  manner. Approved use must comply with all relevant federal, state, and local laws governing  UAS and any other relevant University policies including, but not limited to: 

  1. Flying below 400 feet and remaining clear of surrounding obstacles. 
  2. Remaining well clear of and not interfering with manned aircraft operations.
  3. Flying at or below 100 miles per hour. 
  4. Not flying within 5 miles of any designated airport or helipad unless the operator contacts  the airport or helipad and control tower before flying. (Note that Bluegrass Airport is  within 5 miles of the Transylvania Campus.) 
  5. Refraining from being careless or reckless with the UAS which could result in a fine for  endangering people or other aircraft. 

UAS shall not be used in such a way as to create a hazard to Transylvania University owned,  operated, or controlled property, the University community or the public. UAS shall not be  operated in a way that disrupts instruction or unduly affects the environment of people in or  passing through a common space or residential space, working or studying within a building, or 

entering, exiting or otherwise making their way about a facility. UAS shall not be operated  directly above open air events or above thoroughfares, including but not limited to roadways,  sidewalks, bike paths and pedestrian paths. Operators must take all reasonable measures to  avoid violations of area normally considered private. Individuals found in violation of this policy  may face disciplinary and legal action.

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