Alcohol Policy

I. Introduction 

This document establishes the University’s policies and procedures for using, serving, and selling  alcoholic beverages on property owned, leased, or controlled by the University, and at University events. 

The goal of this alcohol policy is to ensure prudent and safe use of alcoholic beverages in compliance  with state laws and University policy and in keeping with the University principles of respectful behavior  and civility as well as the educational mission to promote responsible behavior regarding the service and  consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

The intent of the policy is that those who consume alcohol appreciate the potential consequences and  those who serve alcoholic beverages at University functions or in University facilities understand their  responsibilities and the liability issues attendant to alcohol use.  

The University is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all members of the University community. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is controlled by Kentucky law, local ordinances, and University regulations. All members of the University community shall abide by these  laws and regulations. 

The oversight, implementation, and enforcement of this policy is delegated to the Vice President for  Finance and Business, who in turn may delegate these responsibilities to other University offices or  officials as appropriate. The Vice President for Finance and Business has delegated approval of events  involving the presence of students at events involving alcohol to the Vice President for Enrollment and  Student Life. 

Specific alcohol related policies and procedures for issues related to employees are found in Employee  Manual. Specific alcohol related policies and procedures related to students and student organizations are found in the Student Handbook 

II. Entities Affected 

This policy applies to all members of the University community, including faculty, staff, students, and  visitors. 

III. Policy 

The University prohibits the use, serving, or sales/selling of alcoholic beverages on University property  and at University events and activities, except with specific pre-approval as authorized by this policy. 

IV. General Rules and Prohibited Uses of Alcohol 

A. Serving, selling, or using alcoholic beverages on University property and at University events shall be  in compliance with all applicable Kentucky laws, local ordinances, and or any University regulations. 

B. All University events where alcoholic beverages are served, sold, or used shall be approved in accordance with this regulation.

C. In general, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in classrooms, laboratories, and/or offices at any  time, unless permission is obtained from the responsible cabinet member. 

D. Use of alcoholic beverages in residential facilities. The University’s alcohol policy is consistent with  Kentucky State Law prohibiting the consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages by and to individuals  who are under 21 years old. Individuals who are of legal drinking age and choose to consume alcohol  must do so in a responsible manner. Additionally, members of the university community are responsible  for behaving in a manner that is not disruptive or endangering to the university community. Being under  the influence of alcohol shall not be considered a mitigating factor for an individual’s behavior. 

E. Registered student organizations shall comply with University regulations and with state and local  laws regarding the conduct of members and guests at all times. For social occasions, student  organizations shall abide by all guidelines published by the Dean of Students. During social events,  student officers shall be accountable for compliance by members and guests. Violation of this regulation  may result in discipline of the organization. 

F. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at University athletic events unless otherwise approved. 

V. Serving and Sales of Alcoholic Beverages 

A. The Vice President for Finance and Business or appropriate member of the President’s cabinet may  authorize the serving or sale of alcoholic beverages on University property or at University events,  provided that such use does not violate any law or University regulation and meets all of the  requirements of this policy. Written requests shall be directed to Vice President for Finance and  Business or appropriate member of the President’s cabinet with oversight of the event. Any desired  exception to the University alcohol policy should be directed to the respective cabinet member and then  forwarded to the Vice President for Finance and Business for final review. The Vice President for Finance  and Business may consult with the Risk Management Advisory Committee or the President in making  the determination whether to approve or deny the exception request. 

B. In addition, reservation of any facility is subject to approval of the University official responsible for  the facility, and reservations are subject to University regulations on facilities. 

C. Approved events at which alcohol beverages are served or sold shall meet the following  requirements: 

1. Private events that are not open to the public; 

2. Events for which tickets have been sold or invitation or membership is required;

3. Events held in one of the facilities or areas listed in Section VI below or inside another  specifically designated and approved space; and 

4. Events where the majority of the attendees are age twenty-one (21) and above. 

D. A third party caterer officially licensed and in good standing with the Kentucky Alcohol Beverage  Control Board must be responsible for the serving and sale of the alcoholic beverages on University  property or at University events. The caterer shall be insured for the event either through a rider to an  existing policy or through the purchase of event insurance coverage. Such coverage shall include naming  of the University as an additional insured party and shall be in an amount determined by the Vice  President for Finance and Business.

E. The sponsor of the event and the licensed, insured caterer shall take affirmative and appropriate  steps to ensure that persons under the age of twenty-one (21) are not served alcohol. 

F. Serving, selling, or using alcoholic beverages at any official University event that is held at a personal  residence or other off-campus private facility, shall comply with all aspects of this regulation. This  includes using a third party caterer officially approved to serve or sell the alcohol.  

G. At any University sponsored event at which alcohol is served or sold: 

1. Non-alcoholic beverages must also be provided 

2. Food must be provided 

3. Signage should be posted warning guests not to drink and drive 

4. Signage should be posted about available transportation options, such as taxi, Uber and Lyft. 

VI. University Facilities and Events where Alcoholic Beverages Are Permitted 

Alcoholic beverages may be served or sold in the following University facilities:

1. Graham Cottage 

2. Old Morrison Board Room 

3. Alumni Plaza 

4. Campus Center Gym 

5. Fourth Street Athletics Complex Community Room 

6. Beck Center Hall of Fame Room 

7. Beck Center Performance Gym (when converted to banquet space) 

8. President’s Dining Room 

9. Morlan Gallery 

10. Faculty Staff Lounge  

11. Gay Library 

12. Lobby areas of the Haggin, Carrick and Little Theaters 

13. Facilities leased by the University from a corporation holding a valid alcohol license.

14. Other campus facilities with advanced written approval of the responsible cabinet member.

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