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50th Reunion Questionnaire

Full Name:
(Including, if applicable, your name before marriage)
By what name do you prefer to be addressed?
Class Year: Major:
Mailing Address:
City, State, Zip:
Home Phone (including area code):
Preferred E-Mail Address:
Have you attended any other colleges since Transylvania? Yes No
If yes,
list the colleges, years attended, and degrees earned:
List the places you have worked starting with the first to
the most recent. List also the positions you held at each:
List your life accomplishments
or career achievements:
List any honors or awards which you have received or any
civic or charitable organizations to which you have belonged:
Marital Status: Single Married Divorced Widowed
If married or widowed, what is (or was) your spouse's name?
Did your spouse attend Transylvania? No Yes   If so, what class?
If not, what college (if any) did he or she attend?
What is (or was) your spouse’s occupation?
If you have children, please list their names as well
as the names of colleges attended,
their occupations, and their children.
What are your hobbies/activities?
Which Transy professor(s) had the greatest impact
on your education? Why?
What was your favorite class?
What was your least favorite class?
Did you belong to any student organizations?
(i.e., student government, athletics, fraternity, sorority, honoraries, choir, clubs)
Yes No
If yes,
which ones and in what capacity did you serve?
What was your favorite college hangout?
What is your best Transylvania memory?
Do you think you'll attend your reunion? Yes No Maybe
Please fill out this field to prevent spam:
what is three multiplied by six?
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