Senior Challenge

Senior Challenge is a celebration of your time at Transylvania University. In four years, you have no doubt forged lifelong friendships, received invaluable mentorship, immersed yourself in academia, and built the foundation of who you will be for the rest of your life. However, your Transylvania journey does not end at Commencement; being a Pioneer is a lifelong commitment.

Since the ‘90s, Senior Challenge has brought the graduating class together through social events while fundraising for a class gift. This year, we have some exciting events planned around town and a goal of 124 seniors giving $20.24+ to the area or program on campus that is most meaningful to you. 

When we join together as a class to support the Pioneers who come after us, we’re helping secure Transy’s future. Not only do our dollars add up, but our participation positively influences grant-awarding foundations and large donors.

Leaving a Legacy

To celebrate the collective generosity of the class, if together we give $2,500, we’ll receive a paver in Alumni Plaza! Donors will be able to submit and vote on ideas for the engraving. The Advancement Office retains the right to edit and remove submissions.

Leadership Giving

So, as seniors and young alumni, you are asked to give back, but we know that amount can look different for each individual, which is why we set the participant amount at $20.24. However, if you are interested in leadership giving to honor your time, you are also invited to join the President’s Young Alumni Leadership Circle, a staggered approach to the President’s Circle, which is typically at the $1,000 level. For seniors and new graduates, we ask you to give at the $100 level to better reflect the typical capacity for a young adult. 

Individual Donor Perks Now updated!

We want to recognize and thank the seniors who make that next step in becoming lifelong Pioneers. 

NEW! Participant Level: Give $20.24+, and you get to choose between a silver honor cord, a years long tradition, or a lapel pin bearing the historic University seal. Either item may be worn at graduation.

Leadership Level: Give $100+, and you’ll receive a cord or pin and an invitation to a special donor event with President Lewis. 

Upcoming Events

Senior Challenge Trivia is on Thursday, May 2, at West Sixth Brewing from 7-10 p.m. RSVP here.

Senior Challenge Graduation Celebration is on Tuesday, May 21, at The Goose from 6-8 p.m. RSVP here.