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Who's Coming to the 45th Reunion?

* Already registered for various events.

Mark Ahearn*
Nancy Merriman Austin*
Marian Smith Banfield*
Barry Bronson*
Cathy Kehne Caldwell*
Mary Lou Watkins Connor*
Jana Meece Coode*
Marty Curtis*
Susan Russell Feix*
Jenny Fielder*
Mildred Finch*
Beth McClure Jones*
Larry Jones*
Jimmy Kearns*
Stephanie Heinz Madison
Julie Davis McDonald*
Sarah Orr Moore
Shack Parrish*
Sharon  Young Pastras*
Dave Sampson*
Josh Santana*
Dan Sutherland*
Sue Duvall Sutherland*
Ann Goff Tomlin*

Is your name missing? Email the Alumni Office or Register Today!

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