What’s Your Pioneer Type?


Push the limits of creativity

You see the world in unique ways. You can take big ideas and turn them into creative expressions that connect with people on a deeper plane. You are an artist, a critic and a thinker who can bring a community together.

  • Academic opportunities that may interest you

    • Theatre Guild,
    • The Writing Center,
    • Exhibition in the Morlan Gallery,
    • Studio 300 Digital Arts and Music Festival,
    • Digital Art (dArt) Lab,
    • Podcasting Studio,
    • Video Capture Studio,
    • Private Music Lessons,
    • Art Talks with Visiting Artists,
  • Campus Organizations You May Be Interested In

    • American Sign Language Club
    • China Club
    • French Club (Le Cercle Francais)
    • German Club
    • Sodalitas (Classics Club)
    • Spanish Club
    • Student Organization for Latinos (SOL)
    • Transy Interfaith Alliance
    • Transylvanian Magazine
    • Transylvania Choir / Concert Band,/ Jazz Ensemble / Chamber Orchestra / Madrigal Singers
  • Internship and Career Opportunities

    • Graphic design at Bullhorn Design
    • Glassblowing at Weston Glass Studio in Berea, Ky.
    • Ceramic studio and supply shop at Kentucky Mudworks
    • Mural painting at ArtWorks Cincinnati
    • Artistic coordinator at PRHBTN Street Art Festival
    • New York Stage and Film
    • Commonwealth Theatre Company
    • SITI Company Workshop in Saratoga Springs
    • Athens West Theatre
    • University of Kentucky Press
  • Cool Classes

    • MUS 3034 – Interactive Music and Multimedia
    • ART 2614 – Integrated Media: Video and Design
    • IDS 2104 – Creative Disruption
    • THEA 3414- Fundamentals of Play Directing
    • CHI 2044 – Chinese Cinema
    • HIST 2014 Shooting America: Photography, 1860-1960
    • PHYS 1024 – Measuring the Universe
    • MUS 2304 – Music Cognition
    • ART 3024 Community Engagement Through the Arts
    • ENG 2714 – Jane Austen and Film
    • CS 3424 – Robotics
    • SOC 2704 – Social Media, Mass Culture
    • MUS 2774 History of Jazz/Rock Music

Meet some Inventors

Kailie Settles grew up using creative writing as a kind of therapeutic outlet, a way to understand the world around her. Her Transylvania experience has taken that passion to the next level — as an English and writing, rhetoric, and communication double major, on staff in the Writing Center and through her internships in author promotions and web development and copywriting. And through it all, she continues to have time to write for herself, even nearing completion of a draft of her first novel. 

Creating is easier said than done. But at Transy, creativity is a framework. The whole culture encourages creation and participation. It’s all about engagement and collaboration, and creativity itself is the backbone of what’s going on here.

Kailie Settles ’24

Sarah Schaaf always knew that music would be a part of her life. The saxophone player received a music scholarship and won the concerto competition in her senior year. But she didn’t know her potential as a visual artist until she came to Transy. The studio art major and double minor in history and music represented Transy in a statewide exhibition and, ultimately, defined her future path as a children’s book illustrator.

 Seeing how much my art has developed over the past four years gives me a lot more confidence than I had coming into Transy. I’ve always drawn and painted, but I didn’t know if I wanted to do that as a career until I came here and took classes that solidified my path. 

Sarah Schaaf ’19