What’s Your Pioneer Type?


It’s all about the journey

The world is your playground. You feel most alive when you’re visiting new places and trying new experiences. You never back down from an expedition, no matter how far or how different. You want to see it all for yourself.

  • Academic opportunities that may interest you

    • Peace Corps Prep Program
    • Transylvania in Ireland Summer Program
    • GlobalTransy Programs in France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain
    • Kentucky Institute for International Study Summer Courses in Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba and more
    • May Term Travel Courses
      >2019 destinations include Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, China, Italy, Peru and Spain.
    • Study Abroad
      Recent destinations include Netherlands, Belize, France, Germany, Panama and the Illyrian Coast.
    • Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships
  • Campus Organizations You May Be Interested In

    • American Sign Language Club
    • China Club
    • French Club (Le Cercle Francais)
    • German Club
    • Sodalitas (Classics Club)
    • Spanish Club
    • Student Organization for Latinos (SOL)
    • Transy Interfaith Alliance
  • Internship and Career Opportunities

    • The JET Program
    • The Fulbright Program
    • AmeriCorps VISTA
    • Teach for America
  • Cool Classes

    • ANTH 3344 – Global Health
    • EDU 2414 – Immigration and LInguistic Diversity in US Schools
    • IDS 1111 – Service Learning in Guatemala
    • ARTH 2664 – Chinese Calligraphy
    • REL 1001 – Introduction to Prayer and Meditation
    • ANTH 3404 – Sustainable Development
    • ENG 2284 – South African Fiction, 1960-1994
    • PHIL 2164 – Bioethics
    • BIO 3204 – Animal Behavior

Meet some Adventurers

Megan Heeb knew she wanted to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country while in college. Transylvania had so many more options than the other schools on her list, that it cemented her choice to become a Pioneer. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed that travel, but, being a true Adventurer at heart, the Spanish and history double-major has supplemented her education by being involved with the Multicultural and International Student Organization on campus and becoming a Spanish tutor until she can finally realize her dream of taking a semester to study in Spain and eventually become an interpreter.

Being a global citizen is especially important in a liberal arts education because you’re taking courses in a multitude of different fields that you may not otherwise have. It gives you the opportunity to see different perspectives, different cultures. It’s really nice at Transy to have that kind of global citizenship. You see it on campus, you learn about it in class and you put your education to work.

Megan Heeb ’23

Jessi Samuel double-majored in sociology/anthropology and psychology, so it’s safe to say she thinks deeply about people and their cultures. At Transy she’s gotten the opportunity to take that curiosity beyond campus and learn about diverse cultures by seeing them for herself. She studied music in Costa Rica and is taking advantage of Transylvania’s Peace Corps Prep Program, where she is earning special consideration for acceptance into the Peace Corps after college.

 Transylvania has provided me with so many opportunities over the past four years. From my study abroad experience, I learned that music is a way to connect globally across an array of cultures. It’s one aspect of life that can be used to connect us all. 

Jessi Samuel ’19