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From the VP for Admissions

Johnnie Johnson, Vice President for Admissions

Our Mission and Values statement speaks to what we will do for you as a student at Transylvania University. Through the education we provide, the involvement we encourage and the exploration you are destined to do, you will learn and develop these core principles of the liberal arts:

Independent (critical) thinking
Creative expression
Social responsibility
Problem solving
Analytical skills

Why are students with liberal arts degrees so successful? Because they are not restricted to one career path. They are not bound by one subject matter. They are not connected to only one social group. Liberal arts graduates have skills and talents that cross careers and break down barriers. 

As you embark on your college search, I invite you to explore Transylvania University to the fullest. Learn about all of the academic programs we offer, and the faculty that will challenge you and stretch your mind wider than you’ve ever thought possible.

Discover all of the opportunities to be mentored, and network with alumni all around the world with our 100 Doors to Success mentorship program. We’ll help you find your passion in the classroom, and through the people and connections you’ll make.

Get involved on a campus that’s in the heart of downtown Lexington. Having a city of over 300,000 people in your backyard makes finding social and cultural events as easy as talking to your neighbor — literally!

The best way to learn about all this, and more, is to visit campus, so I invite you to visit as soon as you can. Great things are happening at Transylvania, including the construction of the $29 million, state-of-the-art Campus Center. On your visit you can tour the campus, discuss your academic passions with faculty, meet with coaches and see what it truly feels like to Be A Pioneer.

I look forward to meeting you!

Johnnie Johnson
Vice President for Admissions