The Study Cycle

To make the most of your academic time, use this cycle to guide your studying. Start at Preview, and repeat the cycle as needed.

Preview — Skim the material, note main ideas, and see the big picture
Attend — Go to class! Take notes and ask questions
Review — Read notes, fill in any gaps, and form questions 
Study — Complete Study Sessions (instructions given down below) before class meets again
Check — Can I teach this? Are my study methods effective?

Study Session

Use this flow as many times as needed to master the material

Plan (1 to 2 minutes) 
Set a specific goal for this Study Session.

Study (30 to 50 minutes)
Deeply engage with the material by actively reading, using concept maps, working problems, and more. Remember to ask: Why? How? What if?

Break (5 to 10 minutes)
Step away, scroll a bit on your device, get a snack. Do anything to clear your mind.

Recap (5 minutes)
Summarize and wrap-up.

Ask yourself: should I complete another Study Session? Take a longer break? Change tasks or subjects?