Transy Tutoring & Embedded Learning Forums

Transy Tutoring staff for the 2022-23 school year

Peer Tutoring at the ACE

Transy Tutoring and Embedded Learning Forums are a free service for all Transy students.

We offer peer to peer tutoring in more than 15 disciplines.

Our tutors have taken the same classes as you and are available to share their learning strategies, study habits and other tips for staying successful throughout your Transy career. We strive to create a comfortable environment where students are free to ask any question in group or individual tutoring sessions while in person or online.

Whether you have specific questions or are looking for a community of learners to join, we are here for you!

How to use Transy Tuoring

Tutoring works best if you come early and often!

Online and in-person tutoring will be offered Sunday, January 22nd- Thursday, April 13th.

We will be closed Friday, March 10th-Sunday, March 19th for Spring Break. We will re-open on Monday, March 20th.

Drop-in Tutoring is offered Sunday-Thursday from 7-9 p.m. Tutoring Appointments are offered throughout the week.

Email with any questions!

We are interested in your feedback!

Embedded Learning Forums

NEW! We are excited to continue Embedded Learning Forums (ELF) this semester! 

The winter 2023 semester will include all sections of: 

  • Bio 1204 – ICBM
  • Chem 1065 – Chemistry II
  • Econ 2034 – Macroeconomics
  • French 1024 -French II
  • Span 1034 – Spanish III

If you are a student in these classes, you have the opportunity to attend forums for extra practice with your classmates–all organized and led by an ELF.

Forums are designed for ongoing practice with course work. If you want to review for an exam, please plan to go to drop-in tutoring.

This program was created based on evidence that students who attend one or more forums each week have a higher success rate. While forums are optional, attendance in at least one session each week is highly recommended.