Faculty Development

Supporting our educators

The Kenan Fund for Faculty and Student Enrichment

The William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust has helped endow the Kenan Fund for Faculty and Student Enrichment at Transylvania University. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive network of support for faculty and student research in the liberal arts environment. The four components of the program are aimed at fostering excellence in classroom teaching and learning through the development and renewal of knowledge and skills.

The four components are:

  • The Kenan Faculty Research Grants
  • The Kenan Student Summer Research Program
  • The Kenan Sabbatical Support Fund
  • The Kenan Distinguished Visiting Professorship

The Bingham Program for Excellence in Teaching

Transylvania’s Bingham Program for Excellence in Teaching helps attract, inspire, and reward faculty members in their efforts to make the classroom an imaginative place of learning and discovery.

The program, which was endowed in 1987 by a gift from Mary and Barry Bingham Sr., funds major teaching awards annually, as well as one-time start-up grants for young teachers who show exceptional promise. Additionally, stipends for summer faculty study and enrichment are provided through an ancillary program, the David and Betty Jones Fund for Faculty Development, which the Bingham Board of Trust oversees.

Together, these programs have proven to be invaluable for promoting a superior level of teaching and learning in a liberal arts environment.

For additional information on the Bingham Program, contact the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the University.

See the current Bingham fellows list

Kirk Abraham, associate professor of exercise science
Brian Arganbright, associate professor of French
Larry J. Barnes, professor of music
W. Alan Bartley, associate professor of economics
Chris Begley, associate professor of anthropology
Gregg Bocketti, associate professor of history
Sarah Bray, associate professor of biology
Sharon C. Brown, professor of physical education
Michael F. Cairo, professor of political science
Simonetta Cochis, professor of Spanish
Elizabeth Corsun, associate professor of English
Lissa Ellen Cox, associate professor of philosophy
Eva Csuhai, professor of chemistry
James C. Day, professor of physics
Veronica Dean-Thacker, professor of Spanish
Don T. Dugi, professor of political science
Robert England, associate professor of computer science
Kathleen Lentz Egner, associate professor of education
Robert England, associate professor of computer science
Simona Fojtova, associate professor of women’s studies
Melissa Fortner, associate professor of psychology
Peter S. Fosl, professor of philosophy
John J. Furlong, professor of philosophy
Jack Girard, professor of art
Kurt R. D. Gohde, professor of art
Jeffrey D. Hopper, associate professor of business administration
Angela B. Hurley, professor of education
Mark Jackson, associate professor of psychology
Kimberly S. Jenkins, associate professor of mathematics
Paul H. Jones, professor of religion
J. Michael LeVan, associate professor of mathematics
Wei Lin, associate professor of art
Amy Maupin, associate professor of education
Melissa McEuen, professor of history
Kenneth M. Moorman, professor of computer science
Martha Ojeda, professor of Spanish and French
Gregory Partain, professor of music
Brian L. Rich, professor of sociology
Robert E. Rosenberg, professor of chemistry
Frank Russell, professor of history
David L. Shannon, professor of mathematics
Kenneth D. Slepyan, professor of history
Belinda Sly, associate professor of biology
Ryan Stuffelbeam, associate professor of mathematics
John Svarlien, professor of classics
Kremena Todorova, associate professor of English
Amelia El-Hindi Trail, associate professor of education
Margaret B. Upchurch, professor of psychology
Todd F. Van Denburg, associate professor of psychology
Anthony P. Vital, professor of English
James Wagner, professor of biology
Tiffany Wheeler, associate professor of education
Scott Whiddon, associate professor of writing, rhetoric, and comm.
Nancy C. Wolsk, professor of art

Monroe Moosnick Professorships in the Natural Sciences

The Monroe Moosnick Professorships provide annual salary supplements to two professors in the natural sciences who best emulate the commitment to teaching, lifelong learning, and service to students modeled by the long-time Transylvania professor for whom the award is named.

In honor of Monroe Moosnick’s commitment to the scientific fields that nurture medical studies, the four-year professorships go to faculty members in chemistry, biology or physics.

Current Moosnick Professors are:

  • Jamie Day, professor of physics
  • Belinda Sly, associate professor of biology