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International Destinations

May Term International Courses

Upcoming Travel Courses for 2021

Upcoming travel courses are potentially subject to change based on student interest.

Theatertreffen 2021: Theater in Deutschland/ Theater in Germany 

GER 2294, IDS 2294, THEA 2294

Course Instructors: Matthew Bauman & Tosha Fowler

Location: Germany

Course Description: In this course students will experience and analyze dramatic texts in conjunction with the 58th Berliner Theatertreffen in Berlin, Germany, which features a juried selection of the year’s ten best productions from German-language theater. The course requires students to theorize from page to stage. For the first part of the course, at Transy, students will conceptualize a potential staging for approximately six plays by applying knowledge of stage production practices and techniques as well as cultural and historical influences (German and otherwise). The plays will be selected from the Theatertreffen productions and the other plays that will be on offer in Berlin’s more than 150 theaters. Students will then travel to Berlin for ten days to view actual productions of the plays, after which they will compare and contrast what they predicted with what was actualized on stage. Students will analyze playwright’s intention, director’s interpretation and the historical and cultural influences for each production. Students will also hypothesize how living in Berlin/ Germany/Europe might influence the production choices made in the stagings they see by incorporating their first-hand experiences of Berlin and the wide variety of educational opportunities the city offers into their analyses. *Students enrolled in GER-2294 will read the plays in German and conduct their analyses in German. 

Prerequisites: GER-1034 for GER-2294 / None for Theater

The Idea of Modern Paris: Questioning the Belle Epoque

IDS 2294, FRN 2294, FRN 3504, ARTH 2294 

Course Instructors: Dr. Brian Arganbright & Dr. Emily Goodman

Location: France

Course Description: The Belle Epoque is synonymous with prosperity and progress. In Paris, the turn of the century ushered in an era of optimism, hope and confidence in the future. The industrial revolution was in full swing and technological advances promised to take away the drudgery of everyday life. Using the complicated histories and mythologies surrounding the Belle Epoque, this course will consider the idea of Modern Paris from a variety of perspectives. In particular, we will examine the emergence of new forms of artistic expression that repeatedly questioned and challenged the past while confronting the idea of the modern. For example, who is included in this dream of a modern city and whose voices and experiences are overlooked or omitted by this narrative? We will also analyze the culture of revolt and the use of public spaces as the emblematic site of counter narratives. We will consider how art, literature, architecture, and urban planning of Paris reflects the social changes of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (including the rural exodus, immigration, nationalism and citizenship). We will also consider what the idea of a “golden age” means for those living after it while investigating the role of nostalgia and a constant search for lost time (Proust). Drawing on our readings, discussions and experiences in France, both in Paris and in Provence/Normandy, we will consider how narrative and the idea of modern Paris (mis)informs our perception of the past in relation to the present.

For more information, please visit the course website.

Prerequisites: None

International Accounting & Logistics Management in Germany, Greece and Italy

ACCT 3214, BA 3214

Course Instructors: Dr. Jeff Hopper & Christi Hayne

Location: Germany, Greece & Italy

Course Description: This course will introduce students to production, production cost management, logistics, logistics cost management, inventory management, accounting, and operations management through the lens of international business operations management of the beverage industry. Given the global nature of the modern business environment, this course provides students an opportunity to experience this international component utilizing a first-hand comparison between the American and European Beverage Industries. The primary goals of the course are for students to gain an understanding of how international business conditions, standards, regulations and cultures affect businesses.

Prerequisites: ACCT 2014 (Accounting I) and BA 3024 (Management and OB) 

The Pilgrim’s Way: On the Art and Practice of Walking

HES 2294, SPAN 2294

Course Instructors: Dr. Sharon Brown and Dr. Jeremy Paden

Location: Portugal & Spain

Course Description: Pilgrimages have been a part of human religious practice since the beginning of time. And, pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago since the Middle Ages. People have made this walk for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a simple act of devotion or piety, for others is it the fulfillment of a promise, or the striking of a bargain. Today, despite the fact that Western Europe and North America are becoming more secular, more and more people are walking the Camino de Santiago. Their reasons include everything from religious practice to tourism, from a form of exercise to an exploration of a personal secular spirituality. In this course we will read about how and why we walk–that is, the science and neuroscience of walking, on the one hand, and the religious practice and the psychological benefits of walking, on the other. We have chosen the Camino de Santiago because it is one of the more iconic Western pilgrimages. We will study the history of the Camino, the routes, the architecture, and the modern day infrastructure (both the real world and the cybernetic). After a week of preparation, we will walk the Portuguese Way. This will allow us to interact with other pilgrims, explore the built environment and the natural world, and experience a pilgrimage.

Prerequisites: None

Introduction to the Fine Arts and Rhetoric of Criticism in the Arts in London

FA 1004, WRC 2294

Course Instructors: Gary Deaton & Greg Partain

Location: Great Britain/England

Course Description: A survey of basic ideas, guiding principles, and historical and contemporary practices in art, drama, and music.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the creative process, analyzing various works of art, developing critical tools for appreciation, perceiving the relationships among the three art forms, and comprehending the fundamental issues in the representation of reality through art.  Travel to artistic events will occur as part of the course when available.  Rhetoric of Criticism in the Arts will be taught as a parallel course, with additional analysis, class discussion responsibilities, and writing assignments.

Prerequisites: None