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Theater in Germany

GER-2294; IDS-2294; THEA-2294

Course Instructors: Matthew Bauman & Tosha Fowler

Location: Germany

Course Description: Analyze & experience dramatic texts in conjunction with plays selected from productions that will be on offer in Berlin’s more than 150 theaters. Students will theorize from page to stage: identifying what
the production could/should be during class time at Transy and then examining the actual productions
after attending them in Germany. Students will compare and contrast what they predicted with what
was actualized. Students will analyze playwright’s intention, director’s interpretation, and direct historical/cultural German influences for each production.

Prerequisites: For German 2294: GER-1034

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

Cost: $3800 Estimate *food not included 

Travel Dates: May 8 – 19

Public Policy and the Culture of Health in the Netherlands

EXSC 2294, ECON 3114

Course Instructors: Alan Bartley & Sharon Brown

Location: Netherlands

Course Description: An interdisciplinary course focused on the public policies and the culture of health within the Netherlands. This course will allow students to study and to experience firsthand a culture of health fundamentally different from that of the United States. We will research and discuss national public policies of the Netherlands dealing with health issues not normally encountered within the US. We will also study and see firsthand the cultural health experienced daily by an average Dutch citizen through biking within both urban and rural environments. The purpose of these studies and experiences is to allow students to better understand and critically analyze alternative policies for promoting health.

Prerequisites: None

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

Cost: $3,500 Estimate

Travel Dates: April 30-May 15

Environmental Justice in the Caribbean

Anth 3204, Phil 2294

Course Instructors: Chris Begley & Peter Fosl

Location: St. Vincent, St. Lucia

Course Description:  Students engage environmental justice in theory and practice through an
examination of the academic and popular literature, analyses of the narratives created around issues
like climate change, culminating in an immersive and first-hand look at these issues in two Caribbean
contexts in which communities experience these issues directly and acutely. Approaching the topic from
both a social science and humanities perspective, this travel course comprehensively examines and
complicates various aspects of environmental justice. Students travel to the Caribbean islands of St.
Lucia and St. Vincent, contextualizing these issues through listening to and discussing these issues with
community members representing tourism, fishing industry, manufacturing industry, environmental and
social justice groups, and government.

Prerequisites: None

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

Cost: $3500 Estimate

Travel Dates: TBA

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