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Upcoming Travel Courses for 2022

Introduction to the Fine Arts and Rhetoric of Criticism in the Arts in London

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FA 1004, WRC 2294

Course Instructors: Gary Deaton & Greg Partain

Location: Great Britain/England

Course Description: A survey of basic ideas, guiding principles, and historical and contemporary practices in art, drama, and music.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the creative process, analyzing various works of art, developing critical tools for appreciation, perceiving the relationships among the three art forms, and comprehending the fundamental issues in the representation of reality through art.  Travel to artistic events will occur as part of the course when available.  Rhetoric of Criticism in the Arts will be taught as a parallel course, with additional analysis, class discussion responsibilities, and writing assignments.

Prerequisites: None

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

International Accounting and Logistics Management

ACCT 3214, BA 3254

Course Instructors: Prof. Christi Hayne and Dr. Jeff Hopper

Location: Germany, Greece

Course Description: This course is an examination and comparison of international accounting and business operational similarities and differences highlighted through the Beverage Industry. A focus on domestic versus international production, production costs, logistics, logistics cost management, inventory management and accounting will be reviewed. Particular emphasis will be placed cultural influences and their impact on business and accounting methodologies.

Prerequisites: ACCT-1234 and BA 3024. ACCT/BA majors only or permission of instructor.

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

International Marketing and Economics

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ECON 3114, BA 3294

Course Instructors: Dr. Rod Erfani and Dr. Rebecca Hochradel

Location: Russia

Course Description: This course will introduce students to international marketing issues and international trade and finance issues, which affect or influence the success of the entire enterprise, challenges that are often far beyond the scope of the traditional “marketing” function, and the impact of the global economic and financial conditions which influence problems, challenges and decisions that are faced by the businesses both domestically and globally. Some of the topics, which will be investigated, include marketing theory regarding the nature and work as it impacts international and regional institutions, agreements that affect the conduct of business globally, the legal and political setting of international marketing, and the influence of the international marketing environment on tactical and strategic marketing decision making. Given the global nature of the modern business environment, this course provides students an opportunity to experience this international component utilizing a first-hand comparison between the American and Russian business practices.  The primary goals of the course are for students to gain an understanding of how international business conditions, standards, regulations and cultures affect businesses. Students can apply the course towards one of their Business or Economics major required electives. 


For BA 3294: None

For ECON 3114: ECON 2024 or ECON 2034

***All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in this program.

Tropical Ecology in Belize

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BIO 2144

Course Instructors: Dr. Belinda Sly and Dr. James Wagner

Location: Belize

Course Description: This course will explore firsthand a variety of unique habitats found in the tropics such as rainforests, savannas, and coral reefs. The course also investigates the structure of tropical soils, nutrient cycling, tropical forest dynamics, tropical species diversity, mutualism, and habitat conservation. Lecture, laboratory and travel.

Prerequisite: BIO 1206 or BIO 1204 (or permission from instructors)