May Term

Try something new

During the four-week May term, students concentrate on one class and often get their first taste of international study. Many May term courses are team-taught and are highly interdisciplinary.

Studying in the classroom about the enormous power of volcanic activity to alter the environment is one thing, but standing next to a 2,100-degree lava flow is another matter altogether. That’s just one experience on a recent May term course to Hawaii, where students learned about the geological and biological evolution of the islands.

Another group studied Filipino history, culture, and current events before traveling to Mactan Island in the Philippines to complete service projects directed toward public health and economic concerns.

Yet another class surveyed Chinese art and culture from the pre-historic to the Tang Dynasty period and then toured museums and archaeological sites in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Yixing.

We encourage all students to plan to travel during May term at least once during their Transylvania career. Don’t miss out on this convenient opportunity to experience the world beyond our campus!

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