Dual Credit Information

Process for incoming students

Today, roughly 70% of Transylvania applicants take dual credit courses while in high school. We understand the importance of applying this valuable credit to your college degree and have created this guide as a starting point for you to explore what transfer options are available.  While all dual credit courses will be formally assessed by the Registrar’s office staff upon enrollment and receipt of official college transcripts, there are resources available to get a general idea of which classes will transfer successfully to Transylvania. 

To explore potential class equivalencies, visit our transfer credit portal

  1. Type the name of the college or university that offered the dual credit course in the “Institution Search” box
  2. Once you select the school, all transferable courses from that school will be visible next to their Transy equivalents.

Every dual credit situation is different, and we know that you may still have questions after reviewing the transfer portal, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you. If your question isn’t included on this list, you can reach out to your admissions counselor for further assistance. 

Does Transy accept dual credit coursework?

Yes, Transy will accept dual credit classes in which the final grade is a C- or better. Dual credit courses may even transfer to fulfill graduation requirements, depending on the course taken and the selected major.  

What is Transy’s official transfer credit policy?

Courses taken elsewhere will be considered for transfer upon submission of an official transcript to the registrar. The following criteria are used in evaluating the transferability of academic credit to Transylvania:

  1. Credit was earned during a regular term at a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting agency or others specifically approved by faculty action. Transfer of credit from an institution outside the United States will be judged on its considered merit.
  2. The credit is judged to be consistent with the academic objectives of Transylvania.
  3. The credit was earned with a grade of C- or higher. For those courses for which credit was granted on a pass/fail basis, evidence must be provided from the institution that the passing grade represents at least C- work.
  4. Transylvania University uses a unit system and 1 unit is equivalent to 4 semester hours. Courses taken in a semester hour system will transfer as follows: 4 semester hours = 1 unit; 3 semester hours = .75 unit; 2 semester hours = .5 unit; 1 semester hour = .25 unit.

How do I know what will transfer to Transy?

Visit our transfer credit portal to view course equivalencies. Type the name of the college or university that offered the dual credit course in the “Institution Search” box. Once you select the school, all transferable courses from that school will be visible alongside their Transy equivalents.

Example 1: A student takes HIST108 at Bluegrass Community and Technical College and earns a B. The course will transfer to Transy as HIST‑1154T.

Example 2:  A student takes COMM111 at the University of Louisville and earns an A. The course will transfer to Transy as WRC‑1034T.

Example 3: A student takes STA296 at the University of Kentucky and earns a D. The course is non-transferable because the student did not earn a C− or better.

Example 4: A student takes ENG111 at Jefferson Community and Technical College and earns a B. The course will transfer to Transy as general elective hours.

Example 5: A student takes AHS105 at Bluegrass Community and Technical College and earns an A. The course will not transfer to Transy because it is considered an occupational or technical class and thus is non‑transferable.

My school isn’t available on the transfer web portal. What do I do now?

Send a copy of the college or university’s unofficial transcript to your Transy admissions counselor. We will get your classes evaluated and added to the portal.

How will my dual credit courses impact my first-semester schedule at Transy?

We’re so excited that you are planning your first semester with us! Once you’ve made your admissions deposit, please send an unofficial copy of your transcript to the Transylvania Admissions Office so we can make sure we know what credits you plan to transfer to Transy.  Once we receive the transcript, the Registrar’s Office will make sure your adviser is aware of your expected credits so that we don’t schedule you for the same course(s) here at Transy. You will need to have your official transcript sent directly to Transy from the college/university that awarded the dual credit prior to the start of your first term at Transy in order to receive the transfer credits.

Can I graduate from Transy early if I have taken dual credit courses in high school?

Potentially, depending on the courses taken and your planned Transy major. Students may also use the credit they earn through dual credit courses to lighten their academic load in certain semesters. Find out more about graduating early through our Accelerate option.

What documentation does Transy need from me?

Once you have completed all of your dual credit courses and enrolled at Transylvania, you will need to provide final and official transcripts for your dual credit courses in addition to your high school transcripts. These official transcripts must come directly from the college or university that offered the dual credit courses. Many schools use the National Student Clearinghouse for transcript orders. Check www.getmytranscript.org to see if your college or university participates with the National Student Clearinghouse. If not, check the website and/or call the Registrar’s office of the college or university that awarded the dual credit.

Can you use my high school transcript to award the transfer credits for my dual credit classes?

No, Transy must receive an official copy of your transcript directly from the college/university that awarded the credits in order to award credit. 

Can my parent/guardian/high school guidance counselor/Transy admissions counselor request the college transcript for me?

No, transcripts are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Only the student may request to have their transcript sent to a third party. 

Can I bring in credits for AP exams and high school dual-credit classes?

Yes. Transy allows a maximum of 18 units to be transferred to Transy. Transylvania uses a unit system, with one unit of credit equivalent to four semester hours of credit.

I still have questions — now what?

Send your question to dualcredit@transy.edu or give us a call at (859) 233-8300, and we will be glad to help you find an answer!