Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, students have asked how we learn, think, persuade and communicate—where do our ideas come from, and how do we present those ideas to others? The liberal arts education is rooted in these disciplines. Students who pursue a writing, rhetoric, and communication degree (WRC) ask important questions about how we express ourselves orally and through writing. The program encourages the development of both depth and breadth in writing and speaking skills.

 WRC provided me with more exciting opportunities than I could have ever imagined. I had three great internship experiences before I graduated, in both for- and non-profit settings. Since attending graduate school and working for a nonprofit organization, I have never felt unprepared or intimidated by a task or assignment—and that is all thanks to Transy and WRC. 

Emily Martin ‘15, 2015 WRC Graduate

Writing, rhetoric, and communication majors design a senior project and participate in an oral defense similar to that of a graduate program. They receive a foundational education in communication that lends itself to further education or careers in law, applied communication, marketing, academia and much more. Our graduates have moved on to careers ranging from public relations professional to production assistant at MTV.

Transylvania equips its students with a wide range of educational and extracurricular experiences. Students have a variety of opportunities to apply their skills in campus organizations including the student newspaper, radio station, literary magazine, speech and debate team and more. The WRC faculty are deeply involved in campus activities such as the First-Year Academic Experience, the Writing Center and creative and expressive events throughout Lexington.

Internships Our Students Have Completed

University of Kentucky Press
Various law firms in Lexington
Les Johnson/NASA Technologist and science fiction novelist
Harris and Ward Marketing
Kentucky Refugee Ministries
Community Action Council, Lexington
Lexington Legends/Atlantic League of Professional Baseball

Opportunities in the Major

Speech and debate team
The Rambler student newspaper
The Writing Center

Courses of Special Interest

Voice and Interpretation
Cross-Cultural Communication
Writing For/With Nonprofits
Nonverbal Communication
Gender and Communication
Interpersonal Communication

Where Our Graduates Have Studied

Carnegie Mellon University
DePaul University
Florida State University
Miami University of Ohio
Purdue University
University of Kentucky
University of Texas—Austin

Possible Career Options

Public relations
Professional and technical writing
Content creation
Non-profit writing/management

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

Australia I
Australia II
England I
France II
South Korea

These GlobalTransy programs have at least two courses related to the major.

Interested in studying abroad for a summer? Take a look at our summer study abroad opportunities.


Scott Whiddon, Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication; Program Director

(859) 233-8298

Transylvania University
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Lexington, KY 40508 USA

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