Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Theater Major

First Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
THEA 1214 Preparing to Act orTHEA 1001 Theater PracticumTheater Elective
THEA 1314 Technical TheaterTheater elective 

Sophomore Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
THEA 1314 Technical Theater orTHEA 2324 Theater DesignTheater Elective
THEA 1214 Preparing to ActTHEA 1001 Theater Practicum 
THEA 3514 Modern or THEA 3524 Classical
THEA 3514 Modern Drama and Theater 
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum  

Junior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
THEA 3414 Fundamentals of Play DirectingTHEA 3534 PlaywritingTHEA 3072 Special Projects in Theater -OR-
THEA 3514 Modern or THEA 3524 ClassicalTheater elective 
THEA 1001 Theater PracticumTHEA 1001 Theater PracticumTHEA 3074 Special Projects in Theater -OR-
  Theater Elective
  THEA 1001 Theater Practicum

Senior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
THEA 3514 Modern or THEA 3524 ClassicalTHEA 1001 Theater PracticumTHEA 4204 Internship -OR-
THEA 3244 Creating a Role -OR-THEA 4004 Senior SeminarTheater Elective
THEA 3314 Advanced Design -OR-  
THEA 3424 Advanced Directing  
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum  
THEA 1001 Theater Practicum  

Special Requirements Concerning This Major:
All majors must complete a minimum of 1 1/4 course units of THEA 1001 Theater Practicum