Transylvania’s science majors  — including biology, chemistry and physics — prepare students for traditional and emerging fields of study. Students in these majors will develop their problem-solving skills, participate in research with faculty and engage major issues facing the world, laying a strong foundation for graduate studies and a successful scientific career. 

We stress content as well as critical thinking, problem-solving and data analysis.

Belinda Sly, associate professor of biology

We give each student a lot of attention at Transylvania, and in a field like chemistry that’s really important.

Bob Rosenberg, professor of chemistry

 A lot of our students have the upper hand once they get to graduate school because they’ve already been in the lab. At larger schools, most students wouldn’t have had a chance to do this type of research. 

Jamie Day, professor of physics

Where Our Graduates Have Worked

President and CEO, Westinghouse Electric Company
Manager, Western Electric Company
Physicist, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Professor, Wright State University
Medical Physicist, Saint Joseph Health System
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Mount Sinai Hospital
National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C.
Boston Medical Center
Bioanalytical chemist, Eli Lilly
Senior chemist, Parke Davis and Company
Medical doctor, University of Louisville Medical School
Professor, University of Michigan
Mass spectroscopist, Pfizer Research and Development
Research toxicologist, Shell Oil
Quality control, Buffalo Trace Distillery

Where Our Graduates Have Studied

Auburn University
Baylor University
Harvard University
Stanford University
Georgetown University
Virginia Tech
Duke University
Vanderbilt University
University of Pennsylvania
Old Dominion University
Tufts University
University of Kentucky
University of North Carolina
Indiana University
University of Arkansas
University of Wisconsin

Possible Career Options

Environmental protection agent
Laboratory technician
Medical doctor
Pharmaceutical sales representative
Research scientist


Belinda Sly, Associate Professor of Biology; Program Director
Phone: (859) 233-8325

Sydney Ellen Gooding, Biology Lab Coordinator
Phone: (859) 233-8842

Robert Rosenberg, Professor of Chemistry; Program Director
Phone: (859) 233-8279

Brandon Bailey, Chemistry Lab Coordinator
(859) 233-3614

Stephen Johnson, Assistant Professor of Physics; Program Director
Phone: (859) 233-8268

Laura Ray Warren, Administrative Assistant, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Phone: (859) 233-8228

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