Pre-Physician Assistant/Associate

Course Requirements

Pre-Physician Assistant students are strongly advised to check the specific requirements of the schools they plan to apply to as early as possible, since the requirements can vary greatly.

General course requirements include one semester of each of the following:

  • Two semesters of general chemistry with laboratories
  • One semester of organic chemistry with laboratory (Some programs require two semesters of organic chemistry, specifically Transy’s PA agreement with LMU.)
  • Two semesters of biology with laboratories
  • Microbiology with laboratory
  • Two semesters of anatomy and physiology
  • General psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Anthropology or sociology
  • Statistics
  • Medical terminology

Suggested coursework arrangement:

First semester

  • CHEM 1055 Principles of Chemistry I
  • BIO 1204 Integrated Concepts of Biology, Molecules and Cells (can be taken second semester)

Second semester

  • CHEM 1065 Principles of Chemistry II (prerequisite for CHEM 2155)
  • BIO 1206 Organisms and Ecosystems

Third semester

  • CHEM 2155 Organic Chemistry I

Most PA programs are no longer requiring the GRE for admission. Students should check the specific requirements for the schools that they are applying to. Some PA programs will require students to take the Casper Exam.

Transylvania University has an exciting partnership with Lincoln Memorial University’s PA program. LMU reserves three spots each year for Transy students who meet their admission requirements.

Competitive applicants

  • Overall GPA: 3.62
  • Science GPA (Biology, Chemistry): 3.49

Factors that increase competitiveness:

  • Community service/volunteer work
  • Clinical experience
  • Leadership
  • Strong communication skills

Other important considerations: 

  • It is crucial for applicants to have enough patient contact hours when applying to PA programs. A significant number of these hours is recommended in order to be a competitive applicant. Some types of patient contact experiences may also be preferred. Students should check with the programs that interest them for details. Many students take a gap year to obtain patient contact hours. Many students also become CNA certified to gain this necessary experience. 
  • Most PA programs also require shadowing hours in addition to patient contact hours. 
  • The start date and deadlines for different PA programs vary greatly. 

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