Pre-Health Timeline

Transylvania students receive guidance on every step of their pre-health journey.  

First Year Students: 

Students start taking prerequisite coursework, which typically begins with the biology and chemistry sequences. Students develop strong study skills, with support from Transy’s Academic Center for Excellence

Pre-health students are encouraged to explore different health careers. Some helpful resources can be found here and here.  

Students also have the opportunity to receive a mentor through Transy’s 100 Doors Mentoring Program

Pre-health organizations connect students to information, volunteering and service opportunities. 


two young men in medical scrubs giving thumbs-up gesture

If students have not already started shadowing healthcare professionals, it is important that they do so to gain insight into their desired healthcare field. Transy has a large alumni network that connects students to shadowing opportunities. 

Students should maintain a competitive GPA (3.5+ preferred).

It is important that students meet with Transy’s pre-health advisor to discuss prerequisites, preparation for admission exams such as the MCAT or GRE, and an overall timeline for applying to medical school or other graduate programs. 

Sophomores should pursue meaningful clinical experiences and medically-related activities. 

Students should also investigate participating in undergraduate research. 


Students should sign up to be a part of Transy’s pre-health interview process. Through this process, pre-health students receive a pre-health faculty mentor who helps guide them through the medical or graduate school application process. 

Transylvania provides personal statement, resume, and interview workshops. These highly recommended workshops are a great resource for future graduate school applicants. 

Students gain valuable interview experience by going through Transy’s pre-health interview process. They also receive a committee recommendation letter, which is required by many medical and graduate programs. 

Admission exams should be taken following the completion of coursework. 

The timing of medical and graduate school applications is crucial, as many programs have rolling admission. Pre-health students should attend group pre-health advising meetings and consult with both their faculty mentor and the pre-health advisor to determine their application timeline. 


Students should periodically contact schools to verify their application status. 

Transylvania’s Center for Academic and Professional Enrichment assists students with graduate school applications and holds mock interviews. 

Students should continue to gain additional clinical and/or research experience. 

After acceptance, students should contact faculty and others who have aided in their application process. 

Summer Opportunities: 

Pre-health students are encouraged to use their summers to pursue shadowing, volunteering and research opportunities to make them more competitive applicants. 

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