Pre-Engineering Program

Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, has a unique partnership with the University of Kentucky College of Engineering that allows you to take foundational engineering courses at UK while at Transy.

 I appreciate the challenge of Transy’s classes and professors and how well they have prepared me for graduate school. I also get all the benefits of a UK student, with access to their facilities and connections for engineering internships. 

Andrew Meyer ’17, Pre-engineering 4-1 student


You can start those courses as early as your sophomore year, and they will count toward your degree at Transylvania. The classes provide you with the necessary prerequisites for graduate study in engineering, and they won’t cost you any extra—they’re included in our tuition and fees.

Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and sophomore standing to participate in the pre-engineering program, no matter your major. Our pre-engineering advisor will help you select your courses and prerequisites.

Pre-engineering is not a major.  Students must still declare a major (most likely in physics, mathematics, or computer science) and the pre-engineering courses at UK will be transferred in as electives in the major at the discretion of the program director.


Other cooperative programs are available where you can receive both a B.A. degree from Transylvania and a B.S. engineering degree from a cooperating school of engineering. These programs require three years of study at Transylvania and two additional years at the cooperating school of engineering.

Where Our Graduates Have Studied

University of Kentucky
Michigan Technological University
Virginia Tech University
University of Pennsylvania


Jamie Day, Professor of Physics; Program Director 

Administrative Assistant, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Phone: (859) 233-8228

Brown Science Center 105
Transylvania University
300 North Broadway Lexington, KY

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