The philosophy degree at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, will provide you with a solid historical foundation in the discipline and strengthen your reasoning, writing and critical thinking skills. Not only will a philosophy major help you come to terms with some of life’s most important questions, but it will also provide you with the tools, background and resources to scrutinize carefully the difficult ethical issues that face professionals and all citizens today.

There is simply no field of study better suited to cultivating a critical analytical, deliberative, independent and sensitive mind than philosophy. In a word, philosophy cultivates ‘excellence’ in thinking.

Peter S. Fosl, professor of philosophy

Studying philosophy, you will examine the basic concepts of self-identity, knowledge, reality and morality. You will examine many issues related to your own life, and in turn develop a deeper appreciation for whatever field you may enter.

Every life and every profession demands ethical scrutiny. That’s why so many pre-med, pre-law, science, art and business students also study philosophy. It’s among the most highly regarded preparatory majors for law school, medical school and other graduate programs. In fact, philosophy majors consistently score higher than nearly every other major on the Graduate Record Examinations and Law School Admission Test.

Interdisciplinary learning is a key component of the Transylvania philosophy program. Students connect their philosophical inquiries to other fields, including biology, religion, gender studies and political science, to broaden their understanding of the world. Transylvania students benefit from several distinctive extracurricular dimensions of the philosophy program. Examples include membership in the Sophia philosophical society, planning a Transylvania philosophy conference for undergraduates from around the country and presenting work at professional conferences.

Our philosophy program not only offers solid classes and award winning teaching, but also a special kind of culture and society that extends beyond the classroom.

Where Our Graduates Have Worked

Dean, Dorton & Ford, PSC
University of Kentucky Hospital: Oncology and Hematology
U.S. Department of Housing
Judd Films
West Sixth Brewing
Web consulting
The Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Harvard University
Teach for America, Louisburg, N.C.
Spherion of Central Kentucky Inc.

Courses of Special Interest

Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
Queer Theory
Stanley Cavell and Film Theory
Philosophy of Religion
Cosmopolitanism and Communitarianism
Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy of Law

Where Our Graduates Have Studied

Baylor University Law School
Boston College
Emory University Law School
Harvard Law School
Loyola University Chicago
St. John’s College
Texas A&M University
The Ohio State University
University of Tennessee
Washington University

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

Australia I
England II
New Zealand

These GlobalTransy programs have at least two courses related to the major.

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David Kaufman, Associate Professor of Philosophy; Program Director

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