Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) Major

There are two principal paths a student may take to complete the PPE major at Transylvania University.
PATH ONE: A student will take (a) all 7 of the Primary Required courses and (b) the 3 Capstone Required courses.
PATH TWO: A student will take (a) between 4 and 6 of the Primary Required courses, (b) between 3 and 1 PPE Electives, and (c) the 3 Capstone Required courses.
AT LEAST 4 BY END OF SOPHOMORE YEAR: Whether taking Path One or Path Two, PPE students are encouraged to take at least 4 of the Primary Required courses by the end of their sophomore year.
INTERNSHIPS: PPE Internships should be taken only during the Junior and Senior years.
TRAVEL: PPE students are encouraged (but not required) to take as many international travel courses as possible, either through Transy May Term courses or through KIIS (the Kentucky Institute for International Study).
First and Sophomore Year
At least 4 Primary Required PPE courses, including PPE 1024 Synthetic Introduction to PPE 

Junior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
Add’l courses from Primary course set ORAdd’l courses from Primary course set ORTravel Course (Recommended)
PPE ElectivePPE Elective 
*Note that the Summer Term after Junior Year is a good time to undertake the PPE 4204 Internship

Senior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
Remaining PPE ElectivesPPE 4444 Synoptic Sr. Seminar 
 Remaining PPE Electives 

REQUIREMENT FOR BALANCE: At least 2 courses must be taken from among either the Primary Required and/or Elective course list in each Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics, except where a course from the approved list of ‘Other PPE Courses’ is taken as a substitute elective or an exception is granted by the PPE program director. 
REQUIREMENT FOR ADVANCED COURSES: At least 3 courses from the Primary Required Course list or among Elective courses must be passed at or above the 3000-level. 
NO SECOND MAJORS AND NO MINORS IN PHIL, PS, OR ECON: PPE majors cannot take additional majors or minors in either Philosophy, Political Science, or Economics. PPE majors may, of course, take second majors or minors in other disciplines. 
OTHER PPE COURSES may substitute for courses listed as Elective Courses at the discretion of the PPE program chair and only if approved by the PPE program chair, consistent with the set of courses approved by the program faculty for this purpose. These courses may be taken as part of the PPE major program only if the prerequisites for the course designated by the course’s originating program are completed in advance. Consult the university web site and advising materials for other courses already approved as possible PPE electives.