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Music Education

Music Education Major

22 1/2 course units, including:
MUS 1864 Essential Skills for Musicians 
MUS 2864 Harmony, Form, and Arranging 
MUS 3864
Advanced Musical Processes 
MUS 4864 Theoretical Skills of Music IV
MUS 3254 Conducting
MUS 4951 Senior Recital (1/4 unit)
Applied Music: 6 terms, 1/4 unit = 1 1/2 units
Ensemble: 7 terms, 1/4 unit = 1 3/ units
Further requirements:
MUS 3122 String Performance and Pedagogy
MUS 3132 Woodwind Performance and Pedagogy
MUS 3142 Brass Performance and Pedagogy
MUS 3162 Percussion Performance and Pedagogy
Choose any 2 of the following 3:
MUS 3194 Teaching General Music
MUS 3354 Teaching Instrumental Music
MUS 3364 Teaching Choral Music
Allied Courses:
EDU 1004 Foundations of Education
EDU 2014 Schooling in U.S. Culture: History, Philosophies, and Diversity 
EDU 2164 Learning Theory and Pedagogy
EDU 3244 Practicum in Learning Experience
EDU 4314 Supervised Teaching: Twelve Grades
Piano Proficiency Exam
Students who are enrolled in Supervised Teaching in their 9th consecutive regular term are charged at the reduced fee amount as specified in University Fee Schedule rather than the full-time tuition rate.