Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Math Major

First Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
MATH 1304 Calculus I ORMATH 1324 Calculus II ORMATH 2504 Math Toolkit
MATH 1324 Calculus IIMATH 2144 Calculus III  

Sophomore Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
MATH 2144 Calculus III ORMATH 2204 Linear Algebra ORMATH 2504 Math Toolkit OR
Elective* or Allied Course**MATH 2144 Calculus III ORElective* or Allied Course**
MATH 2144 Calculus IIIElective* or Allied Course* * 

Junior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
MATH 3224 Abstract Algebra ORMATH 2204 Linear Algebra ORElective* or Allied Course**
Elective* or Allied Course**MATH 3114 Higher Analysis OR 
 Elective* or Allied Course** 

Senior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
MATH 4294 Senior SeminarMATH 3114 Higher Analysis ORElective* or Allied Course**
MATH 3224 Abstract Algebra ORElective* or Allied Course** 
Elective* or Allied Course**  

Anyone with a Math ACT Score of 26 or lower must take MATH 1214 Functions before taking Calculus.
Mathematics majors wishing to declare a minor in secondary education are advised to consult the director of the education program as soon as possible.
*Two electives chosen from MATH 2000-4000 level courses (excluding MATH 2094) are required to meet mathematics major requirements and career plans.
**Two allied courses from ONE of the following disciplines are also required: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, or Physics