The history degree program at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, emphasizes critical reading and analysis in seminar-style courses and offers a variety of independent research opportunities for history majors. Sharpening your investigative skills, you will embark on voyages of historical discovery. Who knows what you will find and how it will shape who you become?

History asks students to think with all the parts of their personalities—with all their senses as economic, political, social and cultural actors. It asks them to understand people with experiences outside their own. The protagonists of history are actors in the past, whether in this country or others.

Gregg Bocketti, professor of history

Learning experiences outside the classroom abound. May term travel courses may take you to Washington, D.C., New York, Greece, Israel or Honduras. Other events, lectures and symposia will allow you to meet and perhaps enjoy lunch or dinner with critically acclaimed scholars, such as recent guests, National Book Critics Circle Award winner Harriet Washington and Pulitzer Prize-winning historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Annette Gordon-Reed.

In history courses, students analyze primary sources, debate historical and contemporary issues, study historiography and methodology and engage in independent research. Other opportunities include practical experience through an internship with a historical society, museum, library or archaeological firm.

Positions Our Graduates Have Held

Internships at museums and historic sites
Chief legislative assistant to a congresswoman
Analyst in Far Eastern affairs for a national security agency
Staff member of National World War I Museum (Kansas City)
Writer for U.S. Geological Survey team
Teacher of Americorps
U.S. attorney

Opportunities in the Major

Black History Month committee
Phi Alpha Theta (international history honorary)
Women’s History Month committee
Internships at museums and historic sites

Where Our Graduates Have Studied

Boston College
College of William & Mary
New York University
Seton Hall University
The Citadel
University of Kentucky
University of Miami
University of Tennessee
University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

Australia I
Australia II
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
England I
England II
France II
New Zealand
South Korea
Spain II

These GlobalTransy programs have at least two courses related to the major.

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Gregg Bocketti
Professor of History, Program Director

Stephanie Coriale
Social Sciences Administrative Assistant

Transylvania University 
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