Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for French Major

First Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
FREN 1014 French I*FREN 1024 French II*FREN 1034 French III

Sophomore Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
FREN 1034 French III -OR-FREN 2024 French Rhetoric and Comp. AND/ORFREN 2294 Special Topics
FREN 2014 French Grammar & Expression.  AND/ORFREN 2034 French Society & Culture AND/OR 
FREN 2054 Intro to French Lit. (with permission)Any Upper-level Elective(s)** 

Junior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
FREN 2034 French Society & Culture AND/ORAny Upper-level Elective(s)**FREN 3504 Adv. Special Topics -OR-
FREN 2054 Intro to French Lit. AND/OR Travel Course
Any Upper-level Elective(s)**  

Senior Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
Any Upper-level Elective(s)**FREN 4444 Senior SeminarFREN 3504 Adv. Special Topics -OR-
  Travel Course 

NOTE: Majors and minors in French are encouraged to participate in study abroad and May Term courses in French-speaking countries.
*All students must take the proficiency exam offered during Orientation.  Students who test into French II will begin the major/minor sequence in the Winter Term (first year).  Students who test into French III will begin the major/minor sequence in their first year, but follow the course sequence starting at the Sophomore level.
** Upper-level (2000 and above) electives include a choice of:
2 courses from Literary PeriodsFREN 3144 Medieval and Renaissance LiteratureFREN 3204 French Literature of the 17th and 18th CenturiesFREN 3324 French Literature of the 19th and 20th CenturiesFREN 2294 Special TopicsFREN 3504 Advanced Special Topics,
2 courses from Specialized StudiesFREN 3094 French Business CultureFREN 3304 Studies in GenreFREN 3344 French CinemaFREN 3404 Francophone LiteratureFREN 3504 Advanced Special Topics