Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Chemistry Major

Students who are planning on taking Principles of Chemistry I should have the equivalent of a 24 on their ACT Math subscore OR have completed a college level mathematics course (either Functions or its equivalent ) to enhance their mathematical skills.

First Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
CHEM 1055 Chemistry ICHEM 1065 Chemistry II 
MATH 1214 Functions ORMATH 1304 Calculus I OR 
MATH 1304 Calculus IMATH 1324 Calculus II 

Sophomore Year
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
CHEM 2155 Organic Chemistry ICHEM 2165 Organic Chemistry II 
MATH 1324 Calculus II   
Junior Year 
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
CHEM 3022 Adv. Experimental Techniques ICHEM 3032 Adv. Experimental Techniques II 

Senior Year 
Fall TermWinter Term May Term
CHEM 4412 Sr. Research in Chemistry ICHEM 4422 Sr. Research in Chemistry II 

CHEM 3115 Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, CHEM 3014 Inorganic Chemistry*, CHEM 3165 Physical Chemistry I: Core Concepts, CHEM 3175 Physical Chemistry II: Applications*, and the 3000 level elective should be taken during the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year. 

*NOTE: CHEM 3014-Inorganic Chemistry and CHEM 3175 Physical Chemistry II: Applications are only offered every other year. 

Student should complete the MATH 1304 Calculus  and MATH 1324 Calculus II sequence prior to the end of their sophomore year. 
Students can complete the PHYS 2115 University Physics I and PHYS 2125 University Physics II sequence in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Year. 
Students who begin the major sequence after their first year or those interested in studying abroad are encouraged to consult with a faculty in the Chemistry program to develop a personalized course sequence.