Teaching Art

Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, offers a teaching art degree that combines required courses from studio art, art history, and education and leads to P–12 certification. As with the other art majors, students choosing a teaching art major can expect a multidisciplinary curriculum that fulfills the diverse goals of a liberal arts program.

Teachers successfully completing this program demonstrate skills in a variety of artistic mediums and develop a thorough understanding of historical context. Graduates must also have demonstrated the pedagogical, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills they will need to be successful in the classroom.

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Australia I
  • Australia II
  • Czech Republic
  • England I
  • England II
  • France II
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • New Zealand

These GlobalTransy programs have at least two courses related to the major.

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Zoé Strecker, Associate Professor of Art; Program Director

(859) 233-8115

Tiffany Renee Wheeler, Associate Professor of Education; Program Director

(859) 233-8186

Transylvania University
300 North Broadway
Lexington, KY 40508-1797

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