Art History Major Course Sequence

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Art History Major

First Year

It is recommended that Art History Majors take 2 of the 3 required introductory-level studio courses in Western and Asian Art in the first year.

Note that it is not necessary, though it is recommended, to take ARTH 1114 Art History: Ancient to Gothic before taking ARTH 1124: Art History: Renaissance to Modern.

It is also recommended that students begin a foreign language in the first year.

Sophomore Year

Students should complete the 3 required introductory-level Art History courses by the end of the second semester.

It is recommended that they take the required Studio Art course in the second year.

The Art program encourages–but does not require–Art History majors to study abroad either in May Term, in the summer, or for a semester in the third year. For semester study abroad, plans should be made in the first semester of this year.

It is also recommended that students continue study of a foreign language.

Following these recommendations, students will have completed 4 courses toward the major by the end of the second year.

Junior Year

Students should plan to take 3 courses in Art History. These include 2 electives and 1 of the 3000-level seminars. Note that 2 3000-level seminars are required to complete the major: 1 in Western Art History and the other in Asian Art History.

The best time to study abroad in Art History is in the second semester of the third year.

Following these recommendations, students will have completed 7 courses toward the major by the end of the third year.

Senior Year

Students should plan to take at least 3 courses in Art History in the fourth year. They must complete the 2 3000-level seminar requirements by the end of the Fall term and they must take the Art History capstone ARTH 4444. (Note that ARTH 4444 is only offered in the Winter Term.)

Students may wish to take an internship as 1 of the Art History electives in the fourth year.

This sequence and distribution of Art History courses encourage students to take courses outside the major and to develop majors and/or minors in parallel fields. Art History is an interdisciplinary field; therefore, courses beyond the 10 courses required in the art History major–in Anthropology, Classics, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and Religion (to name only a few fields)–is strongly encouraged. Consultation with the Program Director on coordinating these courses with the major is recommended.

NOTE: See the University Catalog or the Art History major pattern to determine course numbers and titles required in the major. Special topics courses occasionally may be substituted for certain required courses with the permission of the Program Director.