Digital Liberal Arts

The Transylvania Digital Liberal Arts initiative launched in 2017 as an effort to teach students how digital technologies affect the world of today and tomorrow. You’ll learn to use technology to enhance your learning, your research and your art to give you a leg up in job markets that are constantly evolving to keep up with new innovations. 

The goal of this initiative is to support your academic experience with tools and spaces dedicated to cutting-edge digital technologies. You’ll work with faculty who will encourage you to play and experiment—using your creativity to develop new ways of expressing yourself.

Student Projects
Student Projects

We got experience with the technical aspects of audio editing. That played a large role in the video I put together; learning how nuanced that work is was a big benefit. It really helped give me a foundation and see areas where I could grow.

Lesley Goodaker

Marketing Manager



The Morlan Gallery, Transylvania’s art gallery, has been home to several recent digital art exhibitions, including “Subtle,” an exhibition that incorporated the 2021 Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival.


The main academic building on campus, the Carpenter Academic Center is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies that allow for group interaction with all the latest tools necessary for collaboration in a digital age.


Students have a variety of technological tools at their fingertips in the computer science lab, including 3D printers and coding software for programming robots.


The DArt Lab allows students to produce digital art and music projects using professional tools and industry-standard programs.


The basement of the library features collaborative work spaces and technology, encouraging students to learn together.


This space includes a mixed structure of Ubuntu 16.04 clients and Mac OS X. Equipment includes four 3D printers, a small object 3D digitizer and a large object digitizer.


Take a look at some of the courses and internships that incorporate digital tools:

Student Work

These are just a few examples of digital projects students have recently created. 

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital Adaptive Recreation Program Video

In winter 2015, students in Dr. Kerri Hauman’s Digital Rhetoric class created a video for Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital’s Adaptive Recreation Program.

Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival

Transylvania hosts this festival every other year to showcase creative manifestations of technology through concerts and exhibitions of digital art and music. Learn more at the Studio 300 Website.

Photo by Joseph Rey Au
Sonni Wilson (left) and Lyric Onus, two of the hosts of “I Think ‘G’ is for ‘Girl’”

I Think “G” is for “Girl”: A Gender-Focused Podcast

These short podcast episodes were created during winter term 2023 by Transylvania University students enrolled in PSY 2524: Psychology of Gender.


Professor JJ Wallace & Professor Timothy Polashek — DLA Co‑Directors
Julie Perino — Co‑Director of the Bingham Center for Teaching Excellence & Digital Content and Technology Integration Specialist
Katrina Salley — Educational Technology & Instructional Librarian