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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Credit

AP Scores of 4 or 5 are eligible for credit at Transylvania

AP ExamTransylvania Course #Transylvania Course TitleGeneral Ed. RequirementUnits
Art HistoryGE 1004General ElectiveN/A1.0
BiologyBIO 1164 Biology and Human ConcernsArea II Natural Science1.0
Calculus ABMATH 1304Calculus IArea I Mathematics1.0
Calculus BC MATH 1304Calculus IArea I Mathematics 1.0
ChemistryCHEM 1055Principles of Chemistry IArea II Natural Science1.0
Chinese Language and CultureCHI 1014Chinese IArea I Foreign Language 1.0
Computer Science PrinciplesCS 1124CS1: Intro to Computer ScienceArea II Natural Science1.0
Computer Science ACS 2124CS2: Object Oriented ProgrammingN/A 1.0
Economics-MacroECON 2034Introduction to MacroeconomicsArea II Social  Science 1.0
Economics-MicroECON 2024Introduction to MicroeconomicsArea II Social Science 1.0
English Lang/CompGE 1004General ElectiveN/A1.0
English Lit/CompGE 1004General ElectiveN/A 1.0
Environmental ScienceENVS 1024Environmental ScienceArea II Natural Science 1.0
European HistoryHIST 1024Western Civilization II (from 17th Century)Area III List B 1.0
French LanguageFREN 1034French IIIArea I Foreign Language 1.0
German LanguageGER 1034German IIIArea I Foreign Language1.0
Gov’t & Politics ComparativePS 1004Introduction to PoliticsArea II Social Science1.0
Gov’t & Politics USPS 1014Introduction to US PoliticsArea II Social Science1.0
Human GeographyGE 2100Non-Western Cultural RequirementArea III List A 1.0
Italian Language and CultureGE 1200General Elective (fulfills University Foreign Language Requirement)Area I Foreign Language 1.0
Japanese Language and CultureGE 1200General Elective (fulfills University Foreign Language Requirement)Area I Foreign Language 1.0
Latin VergilLAT 1034Latin IIIArea I Foreign Language 1.0
Music TheoryMUS 1274Music Theory for the University StudentArea II Fine Arts 1.0
Physics 1PHSY 1014Conceptual PhysicsArea II Natural Science 1.0
Physics 2NS 0360General Education Natural ScienceArea II Natural Science 1.0
Physics C- MechanicsPHSY 2115University Physics IArea II Natural Science 1.0
Physics C- Electricity & MagnetismPHSY 2125University Physics IIArea II Natural Science 1.0
PsychologyPSY 1004General PsychologyArea II Social Science 1.0
ResearchGE 1004General ElectiveN/A1.0
SeminarGE 1004General ElectiveN/A1.0
Spanish LanguageSPAN 1034Spanish IIIArea I Foreign Language1.0
Spanish LiteratureGE 1004General ElectiveN/A1.0
StatisticsMATH 1144Elementary StatisticsArea I Mathematics 1.0
Studio Art 2-DGE 1004General ElectiveN/A 1.0
Studio Art 3-DGE 1004General ElectiveN/A 1.0
Studio Art DrawingGE 0460General Education Fine ArtsArea II Fine Arts1.0
US HistoryHIST 1164United States from 1865Area II Social Science 1.0
World HistoryGE 1004General ElectiveN/A 1.0