At Transylvania, we know that you worked hard in high school to ensure that you would be well-prepared for the rigors of our liberal arts education — and we want to respect that effort. 

Beginning in fall 2024, incoming students will have the option to complete a valuable Transylvania degree in a shorter time frame through Accelerate, our three-year degree plan. This option is intended for students who will graduate high school with a significant number of transferable college credits and who are willing to embrace a rigorous course load as an undergraduate.

By condensing the time required to earn a degree, Accelerate will supply students with earlier access to career and graduate opportunities, while potentially reducing the cost of earning a high‑quality Transylvania degree. You will earn a full Transylvania bachelor of arts degree and complete the same total number of courses as on a traditional four‑year path.  

Motivated students will receive an individualized three‑year path to graduation that will maintain the rigor of a Transylvania degree while recognizing the college‑level work they have completed during their high school years — whether AP, IB or dual credit. 

We understand that circumstances may change along the way — you may decide to add a second major or study abroad for a term. We’ll adapt accordingly, with scholarship and financial aid programs that will work with you whether you graduate in three years or decide you want to stay for a fourth year. 

Interested in accelerating your progress towards a degree?

Your admissions counselor will work hand-in-hand with our dual credit adviser to ensure that you maximize your credits and earn your Transy degree in the best time frame for you. Contact your admissions counselor directly to get started.

Majors currently eligible for Accelerate include: