Jeffrey Hopper

Associate Professor of Business Administration; Program Director

Jeffrey Hopper thinks it’s essential that his students truly understand the business concepts he teaches. That’s why he helps them find opportunities for real-world experience and internships.

“I want students to make connections, not just memorize new information,” Hopper says. “I want them to think about why the material has been presented to them, what it really means and how it connects to other concepts in the curriculum. Learning shouldn’t be about examining siloed pieces of information — it should be about how those pieces fit into a larger story.”

Seeing students make that connection is Hopper’s most gratifying moment as a teacher. “It’s what motivated me to become an educator in the first place and what continues to drive me today,” he says.

My teaching philosophy is derived from my firm belief that true knowledge comes from understanding, not from memorization.

As a Transylvania graduate, Hopper understands the value of a liberal arts background in the business world and graduate school. He’s noticed an increasing awareness among recruiters, too.

“Employers today want more than the expected base knowledge and understanding of business provided by the typical business administration curriculum,” says Hopper. “They want an insightful student who sees the big picture, someone with solid problem-solving and analytical skills, who can make connections, innovate and communicate. Those are the skills that are nurtured and developed in a liberal arts environment. That gives our business students a head start when they leave campus.”

Academic History

Ph.D., Economics, Middle Tennessee State University, 2008
M.A., Economics, Middle Tennessee State University, 2005
M.B.A., Middle Tennessee State University, 1997
B.A., Business Administration, Transylvania University, 1994

Courses Taught at Transy

Introduction to Business
Personal Finance
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Investment Analysis
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
Inventory Systems Management
International Finance and Accounting
First-Year Seminar
First-Year Research Seminar

Professional Memberships

Southern Economic Association
National Association for Business Economics

Areas of Research

Labor economics
Financial Markets and Risk Assessment


Bingham Start-up Grant Recipient, Transylvania University
Bingham Award for Excellence in Teaching, Transylvania University
Beta Gamma Sigma Academic Honor Society