MUS3354 Teaching Instrumental Music

For teaching music majors only. Synthesizes the knowledge acquired in the foundation courses taken in the education program with the concepts and skills gained in the content area to enable the teacher education student in music to develop a successful instrumental music program. The course will focus on the implementation of developmentally appropriate educational practices, instructional strategies, and curricular content. Attention will be given to current research on the cognitive foundations of music, on music as it relates to other disciplines, on the development of the teacher education student’s diagnostic and prescriptive skills, and on discipline-specific methods of assessment of student learning. Emphasis will be placed not only on the teaching of technical skills, but also on the use of that skill base as a vehicle to stimulate higher-level critical thinking on the part of the learner. Requires 15 hours of observations and interviews of school personnel. Prerequisite: MUS 2864. IV