EDU3124 Young Adolescents: Preparing to Teach in the Middle Level

Prepares prospective teachers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the development of young adolescents. Attention will focus on the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and moral characteristics and risk behaviors of young adolescents as expressed in both social and school contexts. This understanding becomes part of a rationale for and the function of middle-level philosophy. Prospective teachers will develop an understanding of their roles as middle-level teachers, coaches, mentors, sponsors, and guides who understand and can facilitate healthy growth and development of young adolescents. They will also develop an understanding of the design of appropriate middle-school learning environments including flexible grouping and scheduling, teacher-based guidance programs, electives, exploratory experiences, clubs, community service, and work with families. Requires 10 field hours. Prerequisite: Admission to Education Program or permission of instructor. IV