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Learning Skills Program

Purpose & Goals

The Transylvania Learning Skills Program is available to all students to help them achieve academic success. Group and individual services will: 

  1. Increase learning efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Adapt and apply learning strategies to current classes
  3. Become more active and “response-able” learners
  4. Improve problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills

 Academic Success Topics

  • Assessing academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-management skills (motivation, stress, concentration, attitude)
  • Task management, organizational skills and procrastination
  • Reading speed and comprehension
  • Decoding the lecture and note-taking
  • Test preparation and memory skills
  • Test-taking skills and test anxiety
  • Using academic resources

Learning Skills Services

  • Individual academic coaching
  • Master student class
  • Memory strategies and mnemonic systems class
  • Critical reading class
  • Academic power presentation (A.P.P. Seminar Series)
  • Outreach programs